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Winter Driving Tips from CW

As we all know, Canadian winters can be harsh at the best of times. Greater Vancouver is usually protected from exceptionally low temperatures or excessive snowfalls due to its milder climate. As a result, drivers in Great Vancouver often lack experience driving in snowy conditions. Last week we had our first snowfall of the year with more snow expected in the coming days. To date, there have been thousands of motor vehicle accidents in Greater Vancouver as a result of the snow. To protect you, your loved ones and those that you share the roads with, the Canada Safety Council has the following winter driving tips:

Step 1: Make sure that your vehicle is prepared for winter driving

Step 2: Drive smoothly and slowly

Step 3: Don’t tailgate

Step 4: Brake before making turns

Step 5: Learn how to control skids

Step 6: Lights On

Step 7: No Cruise Control

Step 8: Don’t “pump” the brakes if your vehicle is equipped with ABS

Step 9: Pay attention

For more information, visit the Canada Safety Council's Website by clicking here.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident or slip and fall incident on snow or ice this holiday season, please contact us now.