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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of CW's favorite times of the year. Tonight we had a ton of kids come by our house in Burnaby with some fantastic costumes. They were greeted by a zombie hockey player who may or may not have been ALIVE (see pictures). The night ended with a fireworks display that wouldn't have looked out of place over English Bay during the Celebration of Light.

Unfortunately, there was one disturbing trend among the chaperones of the little ghouls and ghosts...dark clothing with no reflective gear. While many of the kids were dressed in bright colors, the color of choice among parents seemed to be black. A poor choice on a dark and busy night like Halloween. As pedestrians it is very important to take steps such as wearing bright or reflective clothing, carrying a flashlight or simply using your phone's flashlight feature to make yourself visible. 

For drivers out there tonight, please be extra careful as the night goes on. While many of the younger children are now back at home, some of the older teens/young adults may still be out on the streets for a while longer. Keep your eyes open, watch your speed and take extra care while driving in residential areas.

Happy Halloween everybody! #clarkwoods #DialGuyle #HappyHalloween

Guyle Clark